Health & Safety

At Pengrowth, the health and safety of all personnel and the protection of the environment are key considerations in our daily business activities.

If the event of an emergency please call our Emergency Toll Free line: 1.888.488.7190

Health & Safety Vision

To achieve a workplace where there are zero incidents. This will be accomplished by a knowledgeable and innovative workforce that is involved in continuously improving health and safety performance.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Health & Safety Management System Mission

To establish and sustain an environment in which healthy team members work safely and productively in an injury free workplace.

Our core values & beliefs:

  • Teamwork, honesty and leadership at all levels
  • Clear communications and "straight-talk"
  • Knowledge, skill and the will to continuously improve
  • Innovation, creativity and "thinking-out-of-the-box"

We believe that our team members:

  • Care about the health, safety and well-being of themselves and others
  • Respect each other, the environment and the community at large
  • Are supportive of rules, regulations and the need for compliance
  • Want to participate, be responsible and held accountable for their work


  • Health and safety is a line responsibility and is shared by the employer, supervisor and worker
  • Safety is the foremost consideration - if we do not believe we have mitigated the safety risks of an activity or project we should not proceed until that is done
  • When it comes to safety, do not let uncertainty go unchallenged
  • Anticipate the unexpected