Sponsorship Guidelines and Application

Giving Back to Communities that Support Pengrowth

We provide funding for our community partners in areas of education, healthcare, community development, safety and sustainability. We prefer to partner with organizations that address a significant community need, or ones that develop life-long skills like leadership training and mentoring. And if there's an opportunity for our team members to volunteer their time, hearts and hands to help your cause, that's even better.


  1. Your organization should be located in and/or serving a Pengrowth community.
  2. Your organization should be a registered charity which is eligible to issue official tax receipts for donations, or an established non-profit community organization with a non-profit society number.
  3. Except in special circumstances, donations will not be made in support of individual applicants, travel expenses, religious organizations or political events.

If you have a sponsorship or donation request that you think would be a perfect fit for Pengrowth, please fill out our sponsorship request form and email it to community.investment@pengrowth.com

»Download the Application Form