Our Values

In 2018, following years of extensive downsizing and transformation to pay down debt, Pengrowth engaged in a process to redefine itself as a lean, focused resource developer. This required the entire Pengrowth team to redefine its mission, vision and values, which you will find below.


We will be an empowered, engaged, entrepreneurial resource developer.


We are a leading producer of energy, intent on creating value for our communities and stakeholders through our technical expertise, operational excellence, financial discipline and focus on sustainability.


We value people inside and outside of our company and demonstrate respect for diverse experiences, backgrounds, perspectives and ideas.

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We work as a single collective unit, encouraging each other to grow and achieve our individual and corporate goals.

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We conduct ourselves with integrity, respect and in a responsible manner to ensure the safety and well-being of our people, the communities where we operate and the environment.

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We understand what determines success and we hold ourselves accountable to deliver results

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We are dynamic and embrace change, striving for continuous improvement through innovation, teamwork and growth.